10 Best Original Songs in ‘American Idol’ Auditions

alejandro arandaMatt Beck | Talent Recap

Every year we see incredible new talent perform their own renditions of our favorite songs on American Idol. So, when a contestant hits the scene with an original banger, it takes the competition to a whole other level.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap

We are going to take you through the 10 best original songs played in the American Idol auditions.

10. Todrick Hall

This guy’s voice is smoother than melted butter. Todrick came on the scene with an original song he wrote just for the American Idol auditions. With humorous lyrics taking aim at the judges, he was able to perform an original acapella track that propelled him into the next round.

9. Mikey Duran

The 19 year old New Orleans native took the stage with confidence that told the judges he wasn’t leaving without a golden ticket. Mike performed his original record “My Demise” with a unique guitar style where he slaps the strings, rather than strumming or picking. Therefore, he set himself apart from other guitar players on American Idol. With lyrics and musical talent like that, he obviously has a long career in music ahead of him.

8. Harrison Cohen

This 17 year old captured the judges attention with his musical chops and lazer beam stare down. Harrison performed an original song “No Time” which sounds like a pop hit that would play on the radio in any country. He immediately displayed his talent for song writing and showcased his quality vocals that carried him into the next round.

7. Brandyn Burnette

Brandyn killed the American Idol auditions getting behind the piano with his original track, “Lost”. The song conveyed deep emotion with the melancholic piano and his soft soothing voice. He hits all the major points on the spectrum of pain and love making it impossible not to feel emotion when you hear his music.

6. Ricky Manning

Ricky’s performance had Katy Perry in tears with his original piece, “LA is Lonely”. With his somber guitar melody and his wave-like falsetto, Ricky truly showcases what it is to be a starving artist in a big city. The song portrays how lonely life can be when your struggling to chase your dreams, and it really hits home for millions like him.

5. “Hollywood” Anderson

This 22 year old, homeless musician performed an original love song that had Jennifer Lopez in tears. Anderson performed a song called “My Best Friend” about a girl from college he fell madly in love with. Each note had it’s own subtle nuances that puts his music in a class of it’s own. His gentle rasp and perfect falsetto combined with his heart wrenching lyrics could melt any heart in it’s vicinity.

4. Brandon Elder

This one white knuckles on the heart strings with a song he wrote for his adoptive mother who passed away from cancer. Brandon is a construction worker in Alabama with music in his soul. He performed a song called “Gone” that clearly touched the judges, earning him a ticket to the next stage of American Idol.

3. Effie Passero

This 26 year old property manager from Modesto, Ca is the epitome of a diamond in the rough. Effie hit the stage with an original song that showcases her immense piano skill and truly unbelievable voice. She hit every note with pitch perfection and a vocal tone that reigns in true emotion. Though she was eliminated in the top 24, her music career is clearly just getting started.

2. Catie Turner

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this girl came to slay! Catie is a 17 year old aspiring musician with a quirky and energetic personality. She performed her original tune “21st Century Machine”, a quality track with an important social message. With her unique vocal tone and song writing skill, there is no doubt that she has a future in the music business.

1. Alejandro Aranda


This guy is a musical genius. Dishwasher by day, this self-taught street performer could have arguably played the best audition in American Idol history. Alejandro performed his original song “Out Loud” with expert level guitar playing and a smooth pleasing voice. This is a song you could play on repeat for the rest of your life and not get sick of it. If his amazing voice and complex fingerpicking weren’t enough, Alejandro had more to show. Even more impressive, Alejandro got behind the piano to expertly perform another original called, “Cholo Love”.

To see more amazing up-and-coming musicians tune into American Idol Monday at 8pm pst.


Matt Beck
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